Where do I start?

Are you curious about how to get started or a little nervous about showing up at your first registered shoot? Attending your first big shoot can be down right nerve-wracking and a little unsettling.

We were all new to the sport at one time or another, so we’ll be glad to share advice and help you get started. Just fill out the following questionnaire and we’ll get back with you to help make your entry into Sporting Clays safe, easy and enjoyable.  Some of the information may seem a bit personal, but it will help us provide you with the most specific information possible.

Rest assured, your personal data will not be shared, sold or otherwise made available to anyone other than the ASCA Board of Directors.

If your interest is specifically with regards to getting started shooting registered tournaments, we may be able to help a bit more.  We may be able to get you a free limited membership to the NSCA, a free 50-bird event at one of the local tournaments, and 50 free shells to shoot it with.  This equates to a no-cost introduction to the sport at competition levels.  Some restrictions apply, but we’ll do our best to get you out there and keep you coming back.

RSSC0910.jpgOnce you’ve gotten your feet wet, you may want to take a lesson from an instructor, if you haven’t already. Lessons can make your entry into the sport easier, or give you added confidence for your first registered shoot. Some folks don’t want to start out with expense and time that lessons require, which is understandable. Be advised, if you do take a lesson up front, it will likely stop a bad habit or two from developing, and they are easier to prevent than they are to correct.

Once you’ve tried it, you may want to join the NSCA.

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