Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – May 05, 2017

ASCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: 5/5/2017

Location: Coyote Springs Sporting Clays

Date: May 5th, 2017

Board Members in Attendance

Mark LeResche
Allan Edwards
Gary Yee
Terry Abbott
Richard Edie
Tim Miles
Tim Robinson
Terry Vanderplas

Board Members Absent

Barry Ethington
Johnathon McCraw
Jared Wesley
Dan Twitchell
Mark Madson
Tim Miles

Meeting called to order @ 17:00

Mark LeResche-Presiding

Board Members present- Mark LeResche, Allan Edwards, Gary Yee, Terry Abbott, Richard Edie, Tim Robinson, Tim Miles, Terry Vanderplas

Board Members absent- Johnathon McCraw, Jared Wesley, Dan Twitchell, Mark Madson

ASCA Members in attendance- approximately 20 members attended the meeting


-Members asked to review previous meeting minutes from 2/25/2017 on handout and available on the ASCA website

Mark LeResche motioned to approve
Richard Edie motioned
Gary Yee 2nd
Minutes approved

Public forum

-Barry Hartnett thanked the board for their hard work and dedication in advancing the organization

-Tim Robinson apologized for missing the March meeting and commended the board for doing their homework prior to showing up and taking a position and defending our ground.

-Terry Vanderplas recognized Millie Hartnett for the hard work she puts in with the website.

-Dave Schnack asked if the bylaws were changed to hold the State shoot in March or was it just in consideration. Mark LeResche mentioned that is was just under consideration and was shelved for the time being.

Committee reports

A word from the President- Mark LeResche talks about how we are giving back to the shooters and what we are doing and plan to do with the revenue generated from target fees. We want to encourage people to shoot more events so we offered them Super Sport with no cost if they shot the Main and FITASC. This is only one of many ways we are giving back to the shooters. We also provide assistance and support to the shooters and will listen to suggestions from our members to better the organization.

Financial Report- Allan Edwards went over the financial report and discussed our sources of income and expenditures. The Fiscal year in the report was from 5/1/2016-4/30/2017. Our total income for this period is $26,948.87 and derived from target fees. These fees included all the tournament fees and the 2016 State shoot. Total expenses for this fiscal year were $11,776.00. Allan mentions that we need to keep in mind that there was no State shoot during this fiscal year and that the expenses for this years State shoot will not be reflected until next years annual report. The majority of the 2016 State shoot expenses were paid in March or April of 2016 which does not fall under this fiscal year. T-shirts, cart fees, balance of trophies, banquet, open bar, Super sporting event and $10,000 in added monies for this shoot are not reflected in this figure either but have been spent or committed to during this fiscal year. The fiscal year is not consistent due to moving this years State shoot to May to accommodate for the Western Regionals. At the close of this fiscal year we have $14,144 in checking and $44,411 in our money market. Allan mentioned that we do not usually carry such a high balance in checking but left it there due to the upcoming expenditures from this shoot. Normally the majority of those funds would have been transferred into the money market account. A complete financial report will be attached to the end of these meeting minutes.

Dave Schnack asked Allan what he felt would be left in the accounts after all the State shoot expenditures are paid. Allan said that it would most likely be in the low $40,000 range. Allan mentioned to Dave that the National Charities Information Bureau recommends that all non-profits carry a minimum of two times their expenditures in their accounts. Given a normal years expenditures this figure is pretty close to what is recommended.

New Business

Richard Edie is a newly elected board member who filled the vacated Director at Large seat of Bill Forbes. Richard said that he is happy working with this board and will represent the board from a shooters standpoint.

Mark LeResche acknowledged Mark Madson and let the board and general membership know of his accident and why he has not been present lately. We hope that he will be back soon.
Dave Schnack asked if he can have a few words for “New Business” and understands that the public forum portion has ended. He would like the board to take in to consideration having a “subsidy” for the junior and sub-junior shooters during the State shoot. Mark LeResche said we will note it as the juniors are the future of our sport. Mark explains that we are not in the business of making a profit and that we will give back and spend the revenues growing and promoting the sport and that he appreciates Dave’s input.

Hugo Soll suggested holding a “sportsman’s challenge” in order to increase the fun factor and add a new dynamic to our State shoots.

Dave Schnack also suggests targeting the non-competition shooter such as those at the DU shoots and hold a pump gun event with the non-registered and registered shooters. Possibly a 3-bird event.

Old Business

None to report at this time


Mark LeResche asked Millie Hartnett to announce the election results for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors election cycle. Millie announce that a total of 53 ballots were turned in. A unanimous decision was declared for Mark LeResche (President), Tim Robinson (Vice President) and Allan Edwards (Secretary/Treasurer). Mark Madson and Richard Edie received 52 votes and Gene Warner received 51 votes for the Directors at Large positions.

The 2018-2019 elected Board of Directors are:

President- Mark LeResche
Vice President- Tim Robinson
Secretary/Treasurer- Allan Edwards
Dirctors at Large- Mark Madson
Richard Edie
Gene Warner

Awarding of the 2018 State shoot

The State shoot will be held at Ben Avery Clay Target Center. We were given two possible dates in March and opted to hold the shoot March 8th-11th. We have our dates submitted with Ben Avery Clay Target Center but need to wait for the trap and skeet dates to be released before our date is confirmed. The ASCA will host the shoot in its entirety including shoot registration. We will look at implementing some of the ideas heard here tonight for next years State shoot. We would like to see a joint effort with all the clubs aid in setting targets or putting on the Sportsman’s challenge or side events. It would be great if all member clubs could have some skin in the game. This is all dependent on Ben Avery’s thoughts and policies on that matter.

Mark thanked Tim Miles for hosting this years State shoot and all the hard work that went in to making it a success from him and his entire staff at Coyote Springs Sporting Clays.


Motion to adjourn from Mark LeResche

Allan motioned and Tim Robinson second.

Meeting adjourned at 17:31