Board of Directors Annual Members Meeting – March 11, 2016

Board of Directors Annual Members Meeting Minutes

Location:  Ben Avery Clay Target Center


Board Members in Attendance                             Board Members Absent

Mark LeResche Tim Miles
Allan Edwards Tim Robinson
Mark Madson Bill Forbes
Dan Twitchell Terry Abbott
Gary Yee Terry Vanderplas
Barry Ethington
Johnathon McCraw

Annual Members Meeting Presentation

Call meeting to order @ 1730

Roll Call and seating of the Board Members

Mark LeResche – Presiding

­Initially John Greenwell asked if this was the Annual Members meeting. Mark L. responded that yes it was. John Greenwell wanted to know why the Board Members were sitting with their backs to him. The board explained that we were sitting at a horseshoe shaped group of tables and that he and the others were more than welcome to come join us, which they did. At this time Mr. Greenwell asked why attendance at this meeting was low. He informed the Board of the number of ASCA member and Crossfire members and he couldn’t understand why the numbers in attendance were low. It seemed pretty much nothing positive took place thereafter and the atmosphere created through the remainder of the meeting was very tense.

­The Board was asked by Dan Twitchell if the meeting was posted as per the by­laws. He said that “we were in trouble” if they were not posted like the by­laws state. The Board said that yes they were in fact posted. The Annual Members Meeting was posted on the State Shoot flyer which was available on the ASCA website.

Reading of Minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting

­Dan Twitchell wants to amend the minutes stating that BACTC disagrees with John Bests interpretation in the minutes of the following paragraph. Dan said that the interpretation “is a bold faced lie”

John Best Related that the history of this subject has been an issue in the past and it was just three years ago, Dan Twitchell was lobbying on behalf of his contingency of shooters in Phoenix, to hold the Arizona Sporting Clays Championship exclusively at Ben Avery. This included an ad hoc shooter survey conducted at the competitor dinner, which caused many hard feelings. Since that time, in an effort to further improve the championship attendance in Tucson, as proposed by Dan Twitchell, Tim Miles agreed to move the Coyote Springs date from the fall to the spring, so we could have a full year between the event , to engage the migrant snowbirds eliminate a short fiscal and planning cycle and establish a championship event date in the shoot rotation of competing events, in and out of state for both trap and sporting. We have moved beyond the contentiousness of this subject now and have an agreement in place that has proven beneficial that will rotate amongst the member ranges that can hold a shoot of this size, that currently is between Ben Avery and Coyote Springs to be held in the spring between March 15th and May 1st. Ben Avery has the right to no bid the 2016 Championship: in that case we would solicit a bid from Coyote Springs. We need to be careful of unintended consequences by making another change to a working agreement that doesn’t seem to solve any perceptible problem at this time or benefit the Sporting Clays competitive members. The state Trap association is not going to be obligated to maintain any venue rotation or abide by any agreements we may make as the state Sporting association.

Motion by Barry Ethington to document the objection presented by Dan Twitchell. 2nd by Mark LeResche

John Greenwell wants an amendment to the by­laws reflecting the dates for the State shoot to be held between March 15th and May 1st as stated in the approved minutes. Mark L. said that would be an action item and will be dealt with in an upcoming time.

Public Forum

­John Greenwell was upset and said that he never received a response from the Board regarding an email he sent out to all the Board members. Allan explained that the Board did not take office until January 1st, 2016 and did not receive an email from him. John Greenwell said that he purposely the email on December 31st, 2016 so that the new incoming board would receive it. Allan again explained that the incoming board did not take office until January 1st and that the new Board members were not even set up to receive emails until the first week in office. The exact date of being setup to receive emails was January 4th, 2016. Mark Madson apologized to John Greenwell saying “we are sorry we didn’t respond to an email we never got”. John thanked him for his apology.

Reports of Officers

*Financial Report

­Allan Edwards gave the financial status of the ASCA beginning 3/2/2015 and ending 2/29/2016.

­John Greenwell asked why we have so much money in the accounts. This question was also posed in an email from Dan Twitchell a couple weeks prior, asking the same thing. Dan said that we should be giving that money back to the shooters since it is essentially their money. Allan explained in response to Dan’s email and to John Greenwell at the meeting as well that the National Charities Information Bureau recommends that a non­profit keep two years worth of expenses in the account at all times. Prior years expenses between the above mentioned dates were $27,833.64. Allan also stated that it is this boards goal to give back to the shooters while maintaining adequate working capital in the accounts. Allan also explained that there were several expenses from the State shoot that have not been deducted from the account as of yet. One of these expenses was the banquet dinner which would be roughly $5000 and another the $10,000 added monies to the State shoot.

Reports from Committees

* Collegiate Program – Nothing to report at this time

*Competition Committee – Committee is moving forward and Aaron Aslanian will be part of the committee

Amendments to the Constitution By-Laws

* Current process of the ASCA – No amendments at this time

Election of officers

­No elections will take place this year

New business

­Dan Twitchell proposal, bylaw amendment to change the date an incoming board takes office. Dan proposes that the new board take office 60 days after the election at the state shoot. Dan said that he interprets the by­laws to read that he does not need the 10% member signatures to propose this change in the by­laws as currently stated. The other Board members present at the meeting and also Board member not present at the meeting interpret the by­laws to state that Dan does in fact need 10% membership signatures for the proposal. Dan said that he spoke with his attorney and that the by­laws would not stand up as currently written.

­Dan Twitchell proposes that in order to increase attendance at the Annual Members meeting that the meeting be moved from Friday evening to the middle of the afternoon on Saturday between rotations of the State shoot.

Old business

­Nothing to report at this time

Awarding next Annual State Tournament

­Coyote Springs­ date tbd 2017


­Mark LeResche motioned to adjourn

­2nd by Allan Edwards

­Meeting adjourned at 18:36