Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2016

ASCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: 12/03/2016

Location: Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club

Board Members in Attendance

  • Mark LeResche
  • Allan Edwards
  • Gary Yee
  • Terry Vanderplas
  • Mark Madson
  • Terry Abbott
  • Tim Miles

Board Members Absent

  • Tim Robinson
  • Barry Ethington
  • Johnathon McCraw
  • Jared Wesley
  • Dan Twitchell

Meeting called to order @ 1536

Roll Call and seating of the Board Members

Mark LeResche-Presiding

Board Members present- Mark LeResche, Allan Edwards, Mark Madson, Gary Yee, Terry Vanderplas,
Terry Abbott, Tim Miles

Board Members absent- Tim Robinson, Barry Ethington, Johnathon McCraw, Jared Wesley, Dan Twitchell

ASCA Members in attendance- Gene Warner, Richard Edie


-Members asked to review previous meeting minutes on handout and available on the ASCA website

  • Mark L. motion to approve
  • Gary Yee motioned
  • Allan Edwards 2nd

Minutes approved

Public forum

-None to report

Committee reports

-None to report at this time

New Business

-Update all Board members email addresses and contact information

Contact information is current for all members present at the meeting. Barry Ethington said he has not been receiving emails due to an issue with his server. When seen in person he said he has been unaware of past meetings. He was told in person about this meeting but he did not attend.

-Corporation Commission status

An EIN has been issued for the newly named ASCA, Inc. Allan mentioned that his accountant suggested that the association apply for 501©(7) status. Tim Miles said a 501©(7) status was not good for us due to the fact that the “majority” of revenue needs to be from member dues. We do not collect member dues. It also states that no more than 35 percent of the club’s revenues can come from non-member sources. The majority of our revenue comes from non-member sources. Tim said that 78% of our target fees collected come from out of state shooters that are not ASCA, Inc. members. A 501©(7) does not work for us. Terry Abbott said that Rio went from a 501©(3) to a 501©(4). We will explore the 501©(4) option and see if that fits our association. If not, we will look at filing for 501©(3) status.Waiting for final approval from the Arizona Corporation Commission

-How to give back to our members

Last meeting we discussed forming a committee of ASCA members to come up with ways to give back to our members. The committee will be open to board and non-board members. Chris Parsons was asked after our last meeting if he would like to be part of the committee and he accepted. Unfortunately, Chris wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t stay for the meeting so not much further on the topic was discussed. Tim Miles did state that 78% of our revenue comes from out-of-state shooters. He expressed that all monies should be distributed to both in state and out-of-state shooters. He said it would hurt us to not include the out of-of-state shooters in the added monies pots. He said that perception is viewed as reality when it comes to monies distribution and we don’t want to give the perception that we are excluding the out-of-state shooters. We also discussed the “youth” issue and how to keep a balance between giving back to the youth shooters and the older shooters. Tim mentioned that statistically we lose shooters between the ages of 18-27. They shoot when they are younger and then they go to college, start a career, family etc. and don’t pick up shooting again until about 27 if they do at all. We talked about there being youth programs such as the SCTP and that it isn’t the purpose of the ASCA to fund youth shooters; although there are ways we can help. It is a sticky subject amongst the older shooters that are the source of the majority of our revenue.

Tim Robinson could not make the meeting but he sent an email to all board members with his responses and thoughts to the meetings agenda. Mark LeResche read Tim’s email to all members present and Tim’s responses were much appreciated and considered.

Mark L. passed out the email from Chris Higgins with the CSCA (Colorado Sporting Clays Association) explaining how they run their state shoot and payouts. Some of the ideas (and others) can be considered as we further discuss the topic in our upcoming meetings.

This is an area that needs to be carefully thought out so that we can set a precedence for our future state shoots that best suits all of our members and out-of-state shooters.

-Ironman Prizes

We discussed what the prizes should be for this years Ironman (Trifecta) shoot. In the past we have done gun cases. Allan suggested that we give something different this time. Richard Edie suggested belt buckles for each class. Mark Madson suggested range bags embroidered with ASCA Trifecta Class Champion and Runner Up. We talked about purchasing the range bags when Tim Miles suggested we contact Fiocchi and see about purchasing them from them at a discounted rate since it would be good advertising for Fiocchi as well. We collectively decided that is the route we would take. We will contact Fiocchi for the range bags and then take them to be embroidered.

-SCTP funding proposal from Jeff Shultz

All members read the proposal from Jeff Shultz. Ways that the SCTP could fundraise were discussed without using the ASCA as a source of funding. Tim suggested the SCTP expands their fundraising outside the industry as he has done at Coyote Springs. He mentioned that since 2013 he has increased targets thrown by 1 million a year consecutively. In 2013 he threw 4 million targets and is on track to throw 7 (maybe 8) million this year. He said he attributes a lot of these gains by going out of the industry to introduce non shooters to the sport.

Mark LeResche made a motion to “shelf” the proposal from Jeff Shultz. Mark Madson motioned and Allan 2nd.

-Director At Large position open to replace Bill Forbes

Richard Edie was interested in filling the position. He sent a bio which was distributed to all board members. Richard was present at the meeting. Tim Miles nominated Richard and Mark Madson 2nd. A vote took place and Richard was unanimously nominated to fill the vacancy on the board.

-Western Regionals sponsorship

Terry Vanderplas suggested we put some resources toward the Western Regionals to make it a great event and a preview of the 2018 US Open. Tim explained all the events and changes taking place to make the Western Regionals and the US Open great events. Tim Miles will send a sponsorship packet to Allan for the Western Regionals. The ASCA was a $5000 sponsor for the 2016 Western Regionals. Terry Abbott proposed that we vote to do no less than a $5000 sponsorship with the option to increase it if we decide to. Motion by Terry Abbott and a 2nd by Terry Vanderplas for the ASCA to be a minimum $5000 sponsor. The vote was unanimous with all in favor.

Old Business

Proposed dates and locations of the meetings through 2017 are as follows:

  • December 3rd 2016, Rio Salado
  • February 25th 2017, Rio Salado (State shoot planning & election process)
  • April 8th 2017, Ben Avery (State shoot planning)
  • May 5th 2017, Coyote Springs (annual members meeting)
  • May 13th 2017, Rio Salado (2018 shoot dates)
  • October 1st 2017, Coyote Springs

The meeting dates and locations are subject to change as well as the possibility of additional meetings being added to the schedule if needed.


Mark L. motioned to adjourn. Terry V. 2nd. Meeting was adjourned at 1709