– Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – September 24, 2016

ASCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: 9/24/2016

Location: Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club

Board Members in Attendance     Board Members Absent
Mark LeResche Tim Miles
Allan Edwards Barry Ethington
Gary Yee Johnathon McCraw
Terry Vanderplas Jared Wesley
Mark Madson Dan Twitchell
Terry Abbott
Tim Robinson

Meeting called to order @ 1425

Roll Call and seating of the Board Members

Mark LeResche-Presiding

Board Members present- Mark LeResche, Allan Edwards, Mark Madson, Gary Yee, Terry Vanderplas,
Terry Abbott, Tim Robinson

Board Members absent- Tim Miles, Barry Ethington, Johnathon McCraw, Jared Wesley, Dan Twitchell

ASCA Members in attendance- Sharon Remillong

Moment of Silence

-All attendees of the meeting were asked to take a moment of silence in memoriam of Tim Foster. Tim was a great husband, father and friend to many of us in the sporting clays community. He will be greatly missed.


-Members asked to review previous meeting minutes on handout and available on the ASCA website

  • Mark L. motion to approve
  • Tim Robinson motioned
  • Gary Yee 2nd

Minutes approved

Public forum

-None to report

Committee reports

-None to report at this time

New Business

-Corporation Commission status

Waiting for final approval from the Arizona Corporation Commission

(Update: Final approval was granted since the meeting took place and an EIN# has been issued through the IRS)

Tax compliance to follow associations final approval

-Liability and D&O Insurance through SIAI

Both liability and D&O insurance has been renewed and we are current through November of 2017.

(Liability insurance is $550 annually and the D&O insurance is $750 annually)

-New Webmaster

Millie Hartnett will take on the position as Webmaster for the ASCA website. Compensation for Millie’s services have yet been determined. We discussed having a board member(s) hold credentials for the website in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. Tim Robinson will setup the credentials for the board. We discussed having all advertising/sponsorship pieces include both the ASCA website and the Facebook page address. We talked about ways to improve the ASCA website (likes, dislikes, links etc). Overall it was determined that the website is “pretty good” but can use some minor tweaking moving forward.

-2017 shoot dates and shoot numbers

All requested shoot dates were sent to Lori Hartmann at Headquarters back in August. To this date no shoot numbers have been issued for the 2017 calendar year.

(Update- Allan sent the requests again in October and personally called headquarters to check the status of obtaining shoot numbers for the 2017 shoots. He is still waiting for a response)

All clubs represented at the meeting said that they were in good standing with the NSCA

-Open Director at Large position

We talked about all board members trying to vet a good candidate to fill the position previously held by Bill Forbes

(Update- Richard Edie is interested in filling the position of Director at Large. This will be an agenda item at the next meeting on December 3rd and voted on)

-Update of all board members email addresses and contact information

All members that were present at the meeting updated their contact information

-Letter sent to the NRA on behalf of the ASCA board in support of Globe/Miami Gun Clubs request for grant monies.

-How to give back to our members

For the most part this was postponed until our next meeting on Dec. 3rd. All board members were asked to start thinking about ways to give back to the ASCA members. Allan suggested the possibility of the ASCA sponsoring an event at the State Shoot for its members. Terry Abbott suggested some “fun factor” events sponsored by the ASCA to draw interest for our members. The board discussed forming a committee with the sole purpose of focusing on giving back to the members and how to address trophies vs. money moving forward at the State Shoots. Tim R. said he could set the committee meetings up electronically so it is more convenient for those to attend.

Update-Chris Parsons was asked if he would like to be part of the committee and he accepted. The committee will be open to board and non-board members.

-A floral arrangement was sent on behalf of the ASCA and all of its members to Tim Fosters funeral services

Old Business

-Tim R. asked that the dates and locations of all future ASCA board meetings be included on the yearly calendar and uploaded to the website

Proposed dates and locations of the meetings through 2017 are as follows:

  • December 3rd 2016, Rio Salado
  • February 25th 2017, Rio Salado (State shoot planning & election process)
  • April 8th 2017, Ben Avery (State shoot planning)
  • May 5th 2017, Coyote Springs (annual members meeting)
  • May 13th 2017, Rio Salado (2018 shoot dates)
  • October 1st 2017, Coyote Springs

The meeting dates and locations are subject to change as well as the possibility of additional meetings being added to the schedule if needed.


Mark L. motioned to adjourn. Terry V. 2nd.

Meeting was adjourned at 1523