Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2016

ASCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date:  May 7, 2016

Location:  Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club


Board Members in Attendance

Mark LeResche

Allan Edwards

Tim Miles

Dan Twitchell

Gary Yee

Barry Ethington

Terry Vanderplas


Board Members Absent

Tim Robinson

Mark Madson

Johnathon McCraw

Jared Wesley

Bill Forbes*


Meeting called to order @ 1510

Roll Call and seating of the Board Members

Mark LeResche-Presiding

Board Members present- Mark LeResche, Allan Edwards, Tim Miles, Dan Twitchell, Gary Yee, Barry Ethington, Terry Vanderplas

Board Members absent- Mark Madson, Johnathon McCraw, Jared Wesley, Bill Forbes*

ASCA Members in attendance- Sharon Remillong, Gene Warner

*Bill Forbes sent an email to the Board @ 1538 declaring his resignation as Director At Large from the Board effective immediately. His email was not received or read until after the meeting ajorned


-Members asked to review minutes on ASCA website

Public forum

-None to report

Committee reports

-None to report at this time

New Business

-Proposed shoot dates for 2017

The main purpose of this meeting was to get all range owners/operators together and decide on shoot dates for the upcoming year. With the cooperation of the five clubs that throw registered shoots we were able to complete a “preliminary” calendar for the 2017 shoot year. We are waiting for a couple of dates to be confirmed prior to finalizing the calendar. Once we have all the dates in place the calendar will be sent to all Board Members for final approval.

-Dates and locations of future ASCA Board meetings

Tim Robinson proposes that we post an annual schedule with dates and locations for future ASCA Board meetings. The Board will discuss and create a Board Meeting schedule at our next meeting.

Old Business

-None to report at this time


-Mark LeResche motioned to adjourn

-2nd by Allan Edwards

-Meeting adjourned at 1600