Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 28, 2015


Date: December 28, 2015

Location: Eva’s Casa Grande 

Board Members Present Board & Members Elect Absent Board Members Elect / Members Present
John Best Keena Encinas  Allan Edwards
David Tetrault Hugo Soll  Mark Madsen
Mark LeResche  Barry Ethington  Sharon Remillong
Gary Yee  Bill Forbes
Tim Miles
Terry Abbott
 Dan Twitchell
Tim Robinson

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 28, 2015

Eva’s Casa Grande


– Call to Order 1630 hour

– Financial Status-checking $36,263.90 – savings $2,459.82 Total $ 38,723.72; a copy of the financial spreadsheet accounting was provided to Mark LeResche incoming President.

– Corporate Status- currently in dissolution pending completion of reorganization to comply with the not for profit tax status working with Paulson and Associates. Once this is complete the tax returns can be filed annually correctly as a not for profit tax identified corporation. The financial accounts will be transferred under the newly created tax id as directed by the board of directors. This needs to be a priority to get situation resolved. Paulson provided a rough order of magnitude quote of $500-$1500 to set up. They can also do our annual filings if requested to do so.

– Revisions to bylaws that have been previously brought forth from 2013 to date were read and discussed. These ammendments have already been voted upon, however, not been formally put into written bylaw article format. Open discussion for each amendment ensued. Motion by J Best to enact the revisions into the bylaws. Motion second T Abbott; The board agrees unanimously to publish as provided and revised dated 8/12/2015.

– Iron Man Quattro readiness; -awards were gun cases last year by KNJ. They have been contacted but no response to date. 1st and R/U in each class shall be awarded.  Must shoot all events to be ironman eligible, no cost to the shooters, as this is an ASCA event that piggy back shoots already on the calendar. No change to the shoots from each host club perspective, except scores needs to be provided to J Best upon completion to enter into the Quattro event results and award ceremony to occur at Ben Avery.

– State Championship readiness; -Shoot flyer is in the February issue of the Sporting Clays magazine. The program published is as agreed upon in the state championship bid. The bid proposal was reviewed and changes from last year discussed. No issues or changes requested, ok to move forward as drafted.

– Individual committee chairperson positions have not been selected as of yet by the new board. They are going to address this early next year. Awards were discussed as the long lead as well as getting sponsorship pledges so that T-Shirt artwork can be completed. Champion awards were used at last State Championship held at BACTC without any issues. Award depth should be looked at as the shooter survey highlighted short comings with the sub-gauge awards. J Best to provide the 2014 shoot survey to the new board for review. The shotgun awards (7) Beretta autoloaders have been purchased and are currently in shipping to Coyote Springs. Dinner was estimated in bid, and D Twitchell has a vendor that did a great job at the Fiocchi and is within our budget.

-Western Regional status- T Miles provided a status of events to include; Western Regional, US FITASC and a PSCA event to run in parallel. ASCA has paid the $5,000 sponsorship pledge given at the last board meeting.  Coyote Springs will handle the signage for sponsors; however, ASCA is welcome to post their own ASCA signage as desired. He prefers 4’x8’ for stanchions.  ASCA banners are a couple years old, and Globe has not been given one.

Action: Order new ASCA banners for each club and one additional to be used at Regional’s and roving ASCA events. Mouse Graphics has all info, we should probably add the member range logo’s to the sides to fill out the 4×8 layout.

Oasis/Smokin Gun Club- Adam Pinto has reached out to the ASCA to potentially join the ASCA as the club is physically located in Littleton, Arizona. The club has been operating for a long period of time as part of the Oasis Casino in Mesquite, Nevada just across the freeway (over ten years) but now is under new ownership. A meeting between the principal parties has been proposed by J Best to discuss the proposal. Discussion from the board as to the limited benefit being ASCA range membership would afford the Smokin Gun Club with its geographical isolation to the bulk of the membership. The biggest benefit to the ASCA member clubs is schedule/calendar conflict resolution of registered events. This is not an issue for Smokin Gun Club due to their geographical location and they would be better suited to continue through a cooperative with Nevada and Utah NSCA ranges.

Incoming Board of Directors – The 2016-2017 Board of Directors elect have participated in the past two board meetings. This new board officially takes office and begins their term on January 1, 2016. J Best, H Soll, K Encinas and D Tetrault step away to make room for their successors to the board. J Best will continue the website and e-mail account management duties in the interim until a replacement can be named.

Call for other business- none noted

Motion to adjourn @ 1800