Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2015

Date: September 26, 2015

Location: Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent  Members in Attendance
John Best Keena Encinas  Aaron Aslainian
David Tetrault  Sharon Remillong
Dan Twitchell  Barry Ethington
Mark LeResche  Bill Lagusis
Gary Yee  Richard Edie
Terry Abbott
Terry Vanderplas
Tim Robinson
Hugo Soll
 Tim Miles


SEPTEMBER 26, 2015



2:30 PM; John Best calls meeting to order. Board members in attendance and members in attendance are as noted.

Financial Status through the month of August is read; Checking account $4,645.95 and Money Market account is $ 39,536.91.

Corporation Status is in good standing, however, the plan that was put in place to finally attain our not for profit tax status is going to take additional steps than previously envisioned. Tim Miles offered the services of TTSC tax advisor and he took the action to get the information to John Best for follow up. We would like to get this resolved or at least in motion before the current board finishes their term at the end of the year. Payment for these tax services has been acknowledged by the board.

Call for all ranges to pay their 2016 range fees to the NSCA. The ASCA approved 2016 registered schedule has been submitted and will be held by the NSCA until the range fees have been paid for the 2016 calendar year. At last glance, Ben Avery was the only ASCA range that had a 2016 NSCA posted schedule.

2016 State Championship Planning– We are now inside six months until our next State Championship and the new board will need to get the ball rolling and get chair positions assigned. John Best and Terry Abbott collaborated a ‘lessons learned’ / how to guide into the preparation and execution for this shoot and foster a successful tournament (ATTACHED HERE). The upcoming National Championship in San Antonio is a great place to obtain pledges for sponsorship. Many of our board members will attend this year and it would be beneficial for the new board to make assignments and divvy up the roles and responsibilities. It would beneficial for the ASCA to re- secure the legacy sponsors since all banners have already been created and can be re-used.

Actions: D Twitchell to submit bid proposal. Dan suggested we base the 2016 Championship on the successful 2015 Championship program. J Best to forward that bid to Dan for review and concurrence.

Timely advertising for our March event in the Sporting Clays magazine will dictate that we will need to address some program items now, in order to prepare the shoot program flyer for the magazine submission. ASCA has agreed as in times past to split the cost of the full page ad with the range. Discussion as to ASCA added money. The 10K level has been demonstrated in previous state championships and has worked well with our overall budget constraints.

Motion: To commit 10K to added money for the 2016 State Championship. Mark LeResche seconds.

Motion passes unanimously.

Next order of business is to decide what other incentives the flyer would need to contain.   Barry Ethington inquired as to what happened to the gun give a way’s of ASCA times past. Discussion ensued as to the difficulties in holding and transferring the firearms and that we needed to be mindful of not just federal law, but state laws. In order to address those issues, Sharon Remillong has offered her services to comply with the FFL transfers. The ASCA has agreed to pay her $25 for each such transfer. Any out of state shipping costs shall be paid by the winner. Tim Miles offered his catalog access to Browning and Beretta shotguns. We had an award budget of 7-8K last year and we could split that budget and offer a shotgun for every class along with a limited award selection. Aaron Aslainian voiced his opinion that the shotguns should be given through random means and not just awarded to the winner of the class.   We previously have used a similar approach where for every 100 target entry, gives each competitor 1 ticket to be entered into their respective class to be drawn randomly.  This would be available for each of the (7) shooter classes. No additional stand alone tickets may be purchased.  Steve Schultz should be a point of contact for contact information to a award vendor that has proven outstanding value.

Motion: Order (7) shotguns to support the stated plan of action, second David Tetrault.

Motion passes unanimously.

2016 Western Regional planning discussion– ASCA has solicited from Coyote Springs opportunities for assistance, both financial and representative.   Tim Miles indicated that some major sponsorship pledges have already occurred and that the industry sponsorship packages have not been sent out as of yet, but he would certainly welcome ASCA participation.   Dan Twitchell suggested ASCA sponsor a title event with $5K of added money. Based on competitor projections, the ASCA should financially push and get in return the competitor exposure, while supporting this important opportunity to showcase Arizona Sporting Clays to many competitors who would only travel to a event such as this. Tim Miles said we could do whatever as far as ASCA promotion/s; he would leave it to the board to decide.

Motion: ASCA to pledge $5K to Coyote Springs for a 2016 Western Regional event to be announced. Second by John Best

Motion passes by all, except Tim Miles who abstains.

The ASCA has also offered the same Regional Program advertisement co-op split with Coyote Springs for the Sporting Clays Magazine. Total budget not to exceed 1K.

Other business — John Best thanked the member ranges for submitting scores to the website in a timely fashion and supporting our goal of a maximum four hour final posting from shoot conclusion. He has received a lot of positive feedback from our members, but we may have created a monster when people now complain when scores are not posted to review on their PDA while events are still underway. For those ranges using Winscore, please continually upload your scores as you go.

Barry Ethington requested that we get a new website that he can see the shoot scores on. Mark LeResche indicated he has been doing some research into a new website going forward, and possibly using Rio’s webmaster. Discussion ensued as to what the specific issues were with the existing website and the apparent difficulties getting scores. Barry indicated that he cannot get the website to work on his iphone. John B, who manages the website indicated that he has heard of some difficulties and that these usually are limited to those who only use personal devices and the issues surrounding the size of the homepage and locating the hot links. All web features are available and work for personal devices, John has verified on on droid and iphone devices, it just takes some trial and error navigation to learn where to look on the PDA because of the limited viewing size.   The existing website is fully functioning and most scores are posted and available within a few hours of being turned in. John demonstrated successful shoot retrieval with Tim Robinson’s new iphone6. While improvements can always be had in the ever changing IT world, we need to make sure whatever is being changed is an overall improvement to our website. The current website has a lot of other functionality, besides just scores, and we need to make sure we don’t back up. Hugo has also been working to include more social media interface, but before launching, the board also needs to address the increased communication workload. The perception is if you open up these new communication avenues through social media, somebody has to accept that point of contact role and answer the inquiries in a timely fashion. Otherwise we are better suited to continue with the more passive communication approach of direct inquiries coming from e-mail, like it stands today.

The new proposed website layout, features, host changes, recurring costs, maintenance and update fees, etc, should be assessed against the perceived benefit/s over the existing website and a proposal brought forth to the board.

Round the table State Range Status–

-Globe – everything is ok. Getting ready for the upcoming Copper Classic Shoots. D Twitchell will assist.

-Ben Avery- Jonathan McGraw has been named manager, replacing D Twitchell for BACTC. Dan and Paul D will continue to run the registered Trap and Sporting Clays events. This change in leadership should be transparent to the competitor. The Fiocchi Cup is around 300 pre-registered. Dan is already getting inquiries into 2016 scheduled shoots; Copperstate and World Super Sporting.

-Rio Salado- new wireless card readers are online and all members will need to replace their existing cards for $5. They have completed a new 11,000 sq ft education and air gun facility up on the hill.

-Picacho – recovering from slow summer; Inaugural Gun Devil Cup is this upcoming Saturday.

-Coyote Springs – received record rainfalls this monsoon and they are busy recovering from washouts. Clubhouse remodel is now complete, re-opened with air conditioning!   Otherwise, business as usual.

-Yuma Indian Tribe has solicited interest in putting in Sporting Clays course that may someday transform into a registered venue.

Terry Vanderplas suggested the board contemplate a version of the Florida state swing that is tied into the Seminole Cup. The idea would be to create a spring season points competition that would involve all registered state ranges that award aggregate points for each event culminating into a large cash award finale at one of our signature events. The points would be awarded such that you must shoot all Arizona Swing Shoots to be in the money. The board took action to socialize the concept further and develop the concept into an actionable plan.

Motion to adjourn 3:40, Second D Twitchell

Motion carries.