Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting

Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club

Saturday May 9, 2015

Call Meeting to order @ 1500

Roll Call

John Best – Presiding

Board Members present – David Tetrault, Mark LeResche, Gary Yee, Terry Abbott, Tim Miles, Keena Willis (via telecom), Terry Vanderplas, Hugo Soll and Dan Twitchell

Board Members absent-Tim Robinson

Public Forum

No issues, members in attendance; Allen Edwards and Mark Madsen

This meeting was called to address a deferred item to further consider the motion made at the annual members meeting in April brought by Jonathon McGraw, representing Ben Avery Clay Target Center as Assistant Director, who proposed to change the Arizona State Sporting Clays Championship host venue annual rotation between Coyote Springs and Ben Avery Clay Target Center to offset the State Trap Championship. Currently they are aligned such that each venue hosts both Trap and Sporting Clays tournaments in the same year.

Dan Twitchell presented his 2016 Trap Calendar to the board, and indicated that the Ben Avery Clay target center calendar is almost entirely set by the Trap Calendar and indicated his proposal would provide a predicable shoot date/slot for each annual state shoot (trap and sporting) to rotate off one another between the two hosting venues.

Discussion amongst the board revisited ground discussed at the annual members meeting where the membership would be expecting the shoot to rotate back to Ben Avery in 2016. It was shared that we have made a positive impact on improved shoot participation at both clubs and that holding the shoot back in Tucson could have lasting repercussions and unintended consequences that we have not envisioned. Keena described the frustrations of managing the schedule conflicts for all the shoots Tyler competes and that participation in the Arizona Championship is a priority for most residents. She reiterated her position that we need to remain consistent with our championship venue rotation and shoot calendar.

Tim Miles revealed that he has placed a bid with the NSCA to hold the 2016 Western Regional that has a spring calendar date being dictated by the NSCA, in either the first weeks in April. He indicated that the delegate vote should be in by the end of the week.

Dan reiterated that he did not have a staffing or resource issues and that they were capable of holding both annual trap and sporting clays championship tournaments in the same year. He was simply making the offer to help make the calendar planning easier and more predictable.

The discussion then turned to what potential date/s the state tournament would be best suited in the spring dates allotted that would not cause undue hardship on the Ben Avery staff. It was mutually agreed upon that the 2016 Arizona Sporting Clays Championship would be held on March 10-13, 2016 at Ben Avery Clay Target Center. The Kachina Classic event that was held in 2015, which filled the previous state sporting clays championship date hosted at Ben Avery in 2014 would not be thrown on the years that the state championship was held at Ben Avery Clay Target Center. This would offer a predictable state sporting championship date to bi-annually offset an event date controlled by Ben Avery.

MOTION moved by John Best, second by Terry Abbott: To leave the state sporting clays championship rotation of venues between Coyote Springs and Ben Avery Clay target center unchanged as the legacy agreement dictates. Specifically that ‘even’ calendar years are Ben Avery to host and the ‘odd’ calendar years Coyote Springs. –YEA’s –unopposed; Abstain – Dan Twitchell

Motion Passed

2016 Registered Shoot Schedule -The board reviewed the planned 2015 Registered Shoot Schedule and went around to each of the range representatives in order to address the 2016 rotation of planned events.

Tim Miles indicated that if Coyote Springs gets the 2016 Western Regional, the dates dictated by the NSCA will be either April 6-10 or April 13-17.

Terry Vanderplas indicated he would be willing to vacate the Salsa I and II dates of 2015 and move to January 23-24 to better suit his SCTP schedule.

Dan Twitchell indicated he would like to keep the same schedule, but would like to add a World Super Sporting Championship event February 11-14 over the Sweetheart Open weekend.

Gary Yee indicated that they plan on hosting the same rotation of events as in the 2015 calendar. He had a previously made a recommendation to the board to include Ben Avery Clay Target center into the Southern Arizona Swing Ironman Event rotation. Discussion developed into a plan that would start the weekend rotation at Coyote Springs on Saturday AM, and then move to Picacho Sporting Clays in the PM. Sunday AM would start at Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club and finish at Ben Avery Clay Target Center. The dates that were selected were Feb 20-21.

Terry Abbott indicated Rio would host the same events as previous years with the current 2015 calendar date rotation.

John indicated he would formalize the draft 2016 registered dates based on the agreements from this meeting and send them around to the range representatives specifically for their approval and the entire board for review. The draft dates have been included in the minutes herein.    2016 Draft Shoot Dates

ASCA Scholarship Program – Hugo Soll presented his proposal for managing a scholarship or committee award based on financial health of the association. He has done extensive research of other not for profit associations and indicated that safe-guards should be put in place that provides an award budget ‘set aside’ to be included in each annual operating budget.

The board thanked Hugo for his efforts and was provided a copy for review and future consideration.

MOTION to adjourn – moved by Dan Twitchell, Second by Mark LeResche.

Unopposed – Motion Passed

Meeting adjourned @ 1630