Board of Directors Annual Members Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2015

Date: April 10, 2015

Location: Coyote Springs Sporting Clays 

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent
John Best Hugo Soll
David Tetrault Dan Twitchell
Keena Encinas
Mark LeResche
Gary Yee
Terry Abbott
Terry Vanderplas
Tim Robinson

2015 ASCA Annual Members Meeting

Coyote Springs / Tucson Trap and Skeet Club

April 10, 2015                                             Presentation:  ASCA Annual Members Meeting 2015


Call Meeting to order @ 1700

Roll Call

John Best – Presiding

Board Members present – David Tetrault, Mark LeResche, Gary Yee, Terry Abbott, Tim Miles, Keena Willis, and Terry Vanderplas

Board Members absent- Dan Twitchell and Hugo Soll

Special thanks to Marge Abbott for assisting the ASCA with the book keeping and we are wishing her a Happy Birthday today!

Public Forum

Jonathon McGraw, representing Ben Avery Clay Target Center as Assistant Director proposes to change the Arizona State Sporting Clays Championship host venue annual rotation between Coyote Springs and Ben Avery Clay Target Center to offset the State Trap Championship.  Currently they are aligned such that each venue hosts both Trap and Sporting Clays tournaments in the same year.

Question:  The board asked what is the concern or issues now with the shoots in sync and what are the perceived benefits to the sporting clays competitors?

Response McGraw:  No issues to date, just making the offer to be fair to both clubs.

Tim Miles indicated that they also have no issues with holding both tournaments in the same year and that from the competitor perspective, they are going to expect the tournament held in Phoenix next year.

Dave Schnack discussed that there may be trap shooters who would attend the sporting clays championship if they were not held at the same location in the same year.  He added, we should get used to getting third pick on dates when we are at Tucson Trap and Skeet.

John Best indicated that the biggest inconvenience this year was his issue in trying to get the AZ Trap Association to hold talks about the date in conflict and ultimately we (ASCA) moved off any conflicted date and that everything has worked well and to the shooters and association’s benefit.  It is, after all, The Tucson Trap and Skeet club and they have been a gracious host. He doesn’t see the overall benefit of how alternating a singular annual trap event will eliminate or reduce the requirement to manage a competing or conflicted calendar of events, whether it is from another close out of state sporting event or from in state trap event.  Those schedule issues will always be in play, no matter where the State Sporting event is hosted.  Most always it turns into a compromise.

Question:  John Ogilvie asked if Ben Avery had a resource issue with holding both events in the same year?

Response – McGraw:  No issues what so ever, they will throw both the trap and the sporting clays championship event the same year going forward if that is what is decided.  Restating, that they have nothing to gain, just making the offer.

John Best related that the history of this subject has been an issue in the past and it was just three years ago, Dan Twitchell was lobbying on behalf of his contingency of shooters in Phoenix, to hold the Arizona Sporting Clays Championship exclusively at Ben Avery.  This included an ad hoc shooter survey conducted at the competitor dinner, which caused many hard feelings.  Since that time, in an effort to further improve the championship attendance in Tucson, as proposed by Dan Twitchell, Tim Miles agreed to move the Coyote Springs date from the fall to the spring, so we could have a full year between the event, to engage the migrant snowbirds, eliminate a short fiscal and planning cycle and establish a championship event date in the shoot rotation of competing events, in and out of state for both trap and sporting.   We have moved beyond the continuousness of this subject now and have an agreement in place that has proven beneficial that will rotate amongst the member ranges that can hold a shoot of this size, that currently is between Ben Avery and Coyote Springs to be held in the spring between March 15 and May 1.  Ben Avery has the right to no bid the 2016 Championship; in that case we would solicit a bid from Coyote Springs to host the 2016 event, but that the rotation would remain with the 2017 bid at Coyote Springs.  We need to be careful of unintended consequences by making another change to a working agreement that doesn’t seem to solve any perceptible problem at this time or benefit the Sporting Clays competitive members.  The state Trap association is not going to be obligated to maintain any venue rotation or abide by any agreements we may make as the state Sporting association.

Johnathon indicated that Ben Avery Clay Target Center is more than willing to host the 2016 Sporting Clays Championship as planned.

Terry Abbot spoke about how the devil is always in the details and proposes to table this topic for now and allow the board members to discuss further.

MOTION moved by Tim Robinson, second by Terry Abbott:  To further consider the details in changing the shoot rotation and adjust the schedule to alternate the timing of the Sporting Clays Championship to offset the Trap Championship.  Whereby Coyote Springs would hold the 2016 Championship and the 2017 Championship would rotate back to Ben Avery Clay Target Center.  The board will continue to discuss in the interim and will be decided at the scheduled May 9th Board of Directors Meeting at Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club. –YEA’s –unopposed; Motion Passed

The board thanked Johnathon and Mike for making the trip down and we appreciate their willingness to support the ASCA and improve relations between the two clubs.

Financial Report– reported by Keena Willis attached herein

Reports of Committees

– Crossfire Roadshow status provided by Terry Vanderplas; the ammo program provided by the ASCA is still viable for future Road Show endeavors to the rural populace of Yuma, Safford, Tuba City, and that Globe-Miami has definitely benefited from this program as they are now an official NSCA/ASCA member range and about to hold their first full weekend event as such.  Terry was congratulated for all his efforts to bring on Globe Miami as a member range, as the benefits to Arizona Sporting Clays will be realized for some time to come.

— Scholarship Committee – Hugo Soll has just submitted a written working proposal that we will review and discuss further before implementing.

— Competition Committee Chairman -Mark LeResche and Terry Vanderplas have solicited Aaron Aslainian as an associate committee member at large to further the charter of the competition committee to compose written guidance to offer the member ranges and to act as a third party go to for competition issues and competitor conflict resolution. This committee’s main charter is to preserve the validity of the competition, while administering a standard transparent process for fair resolution of issues that can present at a sanctioned tournament. Examples include; transparent pre- selection of tie break stations, throwing stations out, management of trap malfunctions during event, trapper training, scoring integrity, and safety issues. Basically, anything that could jeopardize the validity of the competition.

Bylaw Amendment Proposal

Dan Twitchell has proposed to change our election ballot counting process to invoke more rigor to the current process.  His proposal is replicated below:

I would like to propose an amendment to our by-laws. According to our by-laws all such proposals will be submitted at least 30 days before our annual meeting. My amendment is to send out to all members at least 90 days before the annual meeting a notice telling them that nominations are being taken for positions on the board. Nominations will close 45 days prior to the election and ballots will be mailed out either by paper ballot or e-mail no later than 30 days prior to the election. The returned ballots will be counted and tabulated by a committee of 3 non board members. This committee will be composed of one representative from each of the clubs that host at least 3 registered shoots per year. The results will be announced at the annual meeting.

John Best detailed the current process which was invoked at the last election two years ago in an effort to improve the participation in the election from just those members in attendance in the annual members meeting, to the entire membership base via the internet.

That process was summarily outlined to include: sending out a notice to the entire ASCA membership; past and present for solicitations of potential interested candidates via e-mail and an ASCA website post seeking volunteer candidates who are willing to fill any of the upcoming two year term board positions.  We sent this out 90 days ahead of the election with a deadline for commitments and submittal of short bio’s from the candidates seeking board office.   That declaration was requested 45 days before the published ballots were scheduled to be sent to the entire membership at least 30 days prior to the election.   All official ballot elected positions have write-in candidate slot/s provided.  Additionally, we select a member in good standing who is willing to be our election official volunteer and is capable, electronically computer savvy, has a e-mail address and has a stick and mortar physical address or PO Box.  The instructions given to the election official are to print and compile any and all of the ballots sent to them via e-mail (including documenting the sent from e-mail address), USPS mail and the ballots collected in the ballot box which was staged in advance at the event location.  Only those ballots cast from a member in good standing as validated by the list provided by the NSCA may be counted towards the election.  Ballots received from members ‘not validated’ are to be held and re-validated in the event the election results from the validated ballots are unclear.   Following the last call for votes at the members meeting, the election official then tallies the votes and presents the election results at the members meeting.  All ballots are held for review for at least 30 days by any member in good standing who requests to review or challenge the election results.

We discussed and debated this process at length at the last election, members meeting.  Overwhelmingly, the membership welcomed the change and was satisfied with the process that had been employed.    Some factoids:    We struggle to get one volunteer candidate for each board position.  We still struggle to get 10% of the valid voting membership to cast a vote in the election.   We had 63 votes in last year’s election, 50 votes in this year’s election.   Only one write-in candidate was cast this year by two voters.   Most ballots are cast by ballot box.   It was noted that what is being proposed as a bylaw amendment was essentially what is occurring with the existing process, with the exception of the additional burden of obtaining 2 additional non-board member volunteers to represent 3 different ranges to tabulate the results.

John asked for a show of hands of anyone in attendance who was not satisfied with the current election process including the transparency of the election results.  No hands were noted.

MOTION moved by Mark LeResche, second by Terry Abbott to leave the current election process intact and reject the bylaw amendment proposal to the additional process burden as stated.

YEA’s unopposed – Motion Passed 


John Best detailed that he was advised by the past secretary/treasurer that he would inherit a legacy tax issue when he came on the ASCA board.  The founders of the ASCA did not file a not for profit tax declaration, although the Corporation is filed as such, the tax status filing did not.  We have not been in compliance with the tax code and we will need to remedy this situation going forward.  John has agreed that before his term ends this year, that he will address the issues to the point the ASCA will be in a position to file the appropriate tax returns as required and be compliant as an appropriate not for profit tax identified organization.

Question from John Greenwell as to the liability of the board and do we have professional liability insurance.  John Best answered that we are currently insured by Sportsman’s Liability Insurance for professional liability indemnity.

Question/Request from Kim Clausen- Can the clubs do a better job at identifying award payouts on the checks?  She receives award checks from multiple ranges, and not all checks contain enough information to discern what the check award/s represents.  Discussion ensued about how tournaments conducted and printed through Winscore include a list of events and tournament information in the accompanied check advice.  Checks from some daily shoots are hand written and don’t have any associated documentation.  The ASCA board took the action to follow up with the member ranges to pass along the information.

ELECTION RESULTS – 50 votes counted


  • President – Mark LeResche
  • Vice President – Tim Robinson
  • Secretary / Treasurer – Allen Edwards
  • Member at Large- Mark Madson
  • Member at Large- Bill Forbes
  • Member at Large- Barry Ethington

The next term Board of Directors was asked to stand and congratulated.

Motion to adjourn moved by Mark LeResche, second by Gary Yee

YEA’s- unopposed-

Meeting adjourned @ 1800