Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2014

Date: December 6, 2014

Location: Rio Salado Sportsmans Club

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent Members in Attendance
John Best Dan Twitchell Mark Madson
David Tetrualt Tim Robinson  
Mark LeResche Keena Encinas   
Gary Yee Hugo Soll  
Terry Abbott    
Terry Vanderplas    
Tim Miles     

 The meeting was called to order at 3:25 pm by President John Best.

Roll call was taken:

Board Members Present – John Best, Mark LeResche, Terry Vanderplas, Dave Tetrault, Tim Miles, Gary Yee, Terry Abbott

Board Members Absent – Dan Twitchell, Tim Robinson, Keena Willis-Encinas, Hugo Soll

Members Present – Mark Madson

Open forum for members – No member provided input

State championship planning:

The first order of business was an update on planning for the State Championship. President John Best reported that after discovering a conflict existed between the ASCA State Shoot and the ATA State shoot to be held at Tucson Trap and Skeet, he initiated efforts to assess the potential to host both shoots simultaneously. This assessment included both ASCA board members and ATA board members. The merits of such a cooperative event could be positive for both of the organizations, sponsors, vendors and co-pollinate the shooter base. Beneficial synergies were discussed that could be capitalized on for future event opportunities that have time to plan such an event.    However, the level of cooperation and willingness to conduct such an event or assurances from the ATA to share resources from the hosting Tucson facility could not be obtained before publication deadlines and timely Winscore registration posting of the tournament. Therefore, the decision was made to move the State Championship dates away from any potential resource conflicts and is now set for April 9-12. The magazine ad was sent in to the Sporting Clays magazine publisher at deadline and our ad will appear in the Shot Show edition, February issue, due out at the first of the year. Shoot registration has also been posted on Winscore.

The President reported that Danielle Best has offered to be the prize chairman this year and that she has solicited input from many of the award vendors present at Nationals.   She has selected Tilden Trophies be to the main vendor to create a trophy package within our budget.

Tim Miles from the host club provided a readiness review on everything from golf cart availability and RV camping to side events. He will have course layout maps made available for shooter registration packages and handout. He stated that in the past bottled water had been donated to the state shoot and asked if anyone had a connection that might help with a water donation. Tim also stated that if we had sponsor banners made that he get the banners far enough ahead of the shoot to allow him to create supports for them. Terry Abbott is getting the banners made and will get them to Tucson. The ASCA board will continue to work with Tim on shoot details as we move closer to the shoot date. Tim also recommended that we include an entry into next year’s state shoot as one of our raffle prizes.

President John Best asked if Terry and Marge Abbott would be willing to conduct and host MC the raffle drawing at the member’s dinner. They have confirmed they will administer this throughout registration and awarded at the Saturday members dinner.

Dave Tetrault who is the food chairman outlined the plans to improve the competitor’s food offerings from previous years. An open buffet will be continuously available for breakfast through lunch at a fixed price. The competitor dinner has been negotiated with the food service provider at Tucson Trap and Skeet. This new vendor has received high acclaim by the just completed Autumn Grand’s over 400 competitors.   It will be served starting early enough to avoid long lines and will be paid for by the ASCA. $20 per plate and will be free to the competitors. Non-competitors can purchase dinner tickets at registration for $20.

President John Best and Danielle Best are working on the T-shirt order and sponsor art that will be included on the shirt. Deadline for sponsors to be included on the shirt graphics is January 15th. Commemorative shoot pins have also been placed on order, as well as the shoot numbers.

The President also stated that he is working on the agenda for the annual members meeting that will be held on Friday night at the State Shoot. In addition to updating the members on the past years accomplishments and providing a financial report, the main topic of interest will be the election of new officers to the Board. All board positions are available for the 2016-2017 year term. Incumbent board members not seeking re-election are; John Best, President, Hugo Soll, Vice President and At Large member, David Tetrualt. He asked that we encourage any interested members to run for any office of their interest. An ASCA e-mail will be forthcoming to the membership to elicit those candidates interested in the upcoming election campaign for board of director positions.

Updates on old business:

The President related that Hugo Soll was working on a process for applying for scholarship money from the ASCA. In the past the ASCA board has handled requests for financial assistance from various groups on a case by case basis. The board discussed creating a better method and Hugo took the assignment at the last members meeting. The goal will be to roll out the new process at the upcoming annual members meeting.

The President related that he continues to receive spurious complaints about perceived inequities at various shoots. The President stated that many of these complaints seemed to be a matter of perception, mostly centered on a general lack of transparency. It should be everyone’s goal to promote a spirit of transparency to the competitors to protect the sanctity of the competition.   As an example the term ‘mystery station’, seems to allude to a lack of transparency as competitors are left with the idea that no one but the administration knows the order of tie breaking station/s until after the competition. In some instances, it still is not provided to the competitor when challenged. When the method of tie breaking is not announced ahead of the competition, it has the appearance the method has been arbitrarily set.  

Therefore it was proposed that the ASCA board address these types of issues by creating a competition committee to serve two functions. 1) At registered competitions, to serve as third party conflict resolvers and formulate a recommended solution to the hosting range. 2) Create a recommended set of guidelines in concert with the precedent NSCA rules for member ranges in an effort to improve the competitor perceptions by offering a transparent process to the competition. Terry Vanderplas and Mark LeResche have agreed to chair this competition committee and work on a policy of recommended guidelines for the member ranges to conduct registered competitions.  They may pull in non-board member’s ad-hoc to assist in this activity and improve transparency.

Terry Abbott presented the plan for getting sponsors for the upcoming State Championship. At a past meeting board member Tim Robinson proposed that we take a more formal approach to soliciting sponsors. Tim’s basic idea was to come up with several different levels of advertising options that could be presented to potential sponsors. The larger the commitment from the sponsor in terms of cash and/or merchandise the more ad space provided by the ASCA. To that end Terry and Marge Abbott created a proposal sheet that could be presented to potential sponsors. The sheet outlines 4 different packages of advertising, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. An introductory letter explaining the program was also created. (see attachment) All board members are encouraged to use these tools to help obtain sponsors if you know someone who would be willing to participate. Several sponsors are already on board but we need more.

President John Best provided an update on the post shoot survey effort he initiated. An online survey tool has been used at some of this past year’s shoots. A considerable amount of good information has been obtained from our customers, the shooters. Survey results have been provided to the range operators so that they can assess the information and address any concerns they feel are valid. Survey information obtained from the past two year’s State Championships was used in the planning of the 2015 Championship. All agreed that the survey was a useful tool in helping us improve the shoot experience for all.

Board Business

Gary Yee proposed that the 2015 same weekend Trifecta shoot that includes a shoot at RSSC , Picacho, and Tucson be expanded to include Ben Avery. The proposal was that the shoot begin at Ben Avery on Saturday morning then move to RSSC the same afternoon. The shoot would continue Sunday morning at Picacho and move to Tucson that afternoon. Terry Abbott pointed out that shooting at RSSC in the afternoon would severely affect the quality of the shoot because the predominant portion of the RSSC course faces west. A discussion of potential solutions ensued with no viable solution and it was agreed to revisit the issue at a later time.

Marge Abbott has offered her accounting skills to assist the ASCA with business operations.   We are all very grateful to have her years of experience and expertise as part of our organization. A big ‘thank you Marge’ was shared aloud by everyone present.

President John Best reviewed the call for all ranges to continue with a good shoot conclusion process that includes:

  1. Scores posted within 12 hours
  2. Upload or mail shoot report to NSCA in a timely manner
  3. Fees paid to NSCA and ASCA as soon as possible.

He reported that he will upload shoot results to the ASCA website as soon as is practical after he receives them. Most results are going up within a few hours after the shoot. No Arizona club is currently late with any reports to NSCA.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm


Arizona Sporting Clays Association

2015 State Sporting Clays Championships



Platinum Sponsor Package @ $1000 (Cash and/or nib Merchandise valued @ MSRP)

  • 8’ Banner with sponsors provided artwork prominently displayed at one of the premier events: Main, Prelim, 5-stand, FITASC
  • Sponsors logo, 3”, 1 color, displayed on 2015 ASCA State Championship T-shirts.
  • Sponsors name displayed on ASCA website for entire year
  • Sponsors name on all advertising, flyers, programs, and recognized at the ASCA Championship dinner.
  • Sponsors name displayed on Main Sponsor Board as Platinum Sponsor.

Gold Sponsor Package @ $500 (Cash and/or nib Merchandise valued @ MSRP)   

  • 4’ Banner with sponsor provided artwork prominently displayed at one of the additional events: Sub-gauge, Super Sporting, SxS, pump
  • Sponsors name printed on 2015 ASCA State Championship T-shirts.
  • Sponsors name displayed on ASCA website for entire year
  • Sponsors name on all advertising, flyers, programs, and recognized at the ASCA Championship dinner.
  • Sponsors name displayed on Main Sponsor Board as Gold Sponsor.

 Silver Sponsor – @ $250 (Cash and/or nib Merchandise valued @ MSRP)

  • Sponsors name displayed on ASCA website for entire year
  • Sponsors name on all advertising, flyers, programs, and recognized at the ASCA Championship Dinner.
  • Sponsors name displayed on Main Sponsor Board as Silver Sponsor.

 Bronze Sponsor – Less than $250 (Cash and/or nib Merchandise valued @ MSRP)

  • Sponsors name on all advertising, flyers, programs, and recognized at the ASCA Championship dinner.
  • Sponsors name displayed on Main Sponsor Board as Bronze Sponsor.