Board of Directors Annual Members Meeting -March 14, 2014

Date: March 14, 2014

Location: Ben Avery Clay Target Center

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent
John Best David Tetrault  
Hugo Soll Tim Miles  
Keena Encinas  Tim Robinson  
Mark LeResche    
Gary Yee    
Terry Abbott    
Terry Vanderplas    
Dan Twitchell    
Keena Encinas

Board of Directors Meeting

March 14, 2014

Ben Avery CTC

1714- Call Meeting to Order

Roll Call


1)      Reading of previous meeting minutes of December 2013


2)      Guest Speaker – Perry Miller- from ASU’s shotgun sports club. They are looking for long term and short term support. A motion was made to form a committee to study the ASU program and ones like it and determine how the ASCA can if possible provide support short term as well as long term.


3)      Financial review: Checking = $5000, Money Market = $39,366. This does not reflect the check written for the state shoot.


4)      Reports from committees- None


5)      Unfinished business- Crossfire, Payson and beyond.  A motion was made to donate $1250 for a shoot in Payson to provide an opportunity for those in the area to experience sporting clays.  Terry V took the action to introduce and involve the other disciplines (ATA, NSSA) to potentially set up a donation matching program for these type events since it mutually benefits every organization.


6)      Elections – Midterm, thus there will be no elections


7)      The Arizona State Shoot will be an alternating event as previously agreed upon in prior board meetings and voted on. The by-laws will be changed to reflect this.


8)      John Greenwell thanked the ASCA for taking the initiative on post shoot surveys and using metrics to track our progress.  He requested the following:


  1.        Have a published schedule of regular board meetings to increase attendance or interest in the ASCA. The board responded by stating it will provide the meeting location and times to ensure the opportunity for all to attend.
  2.       Was there a metrics used to determine whether the organization was improving or growing the sport? The board indicated that there was an increase in state registered targets at all venues and that these were proportionate indicators of resident participation.  A review of NSCA statistics could be used to better understand this statistic.


11)  Marci Welton encouraged the ASCA to participate in the upcoming G & F Outdoor Expo and    future such events.  She was unsure if it was too late for this year, but would forward information to register for this event. 


12)   There was a comment from Dan Twitchell to possibly create an incentive to shoot more targets by creating some type of recognition or incentive similar to what the NSCA does.


13)   6:25 pm John Best called the meeting adjourned.