-Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2014

Date: January 17, 2014

Location: Ben Avery Clay Target Center 

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent
John Best  David Tetrault  
Hugo Soll  Tim Miles- via telecon for new business  
Tim Robinson    
Mark LeResche    
Gary Yee    
Terry Abbott    
Terry Vanderplas    
Dan Twitchell    
Keena Encinas

Board of Directors Meeting

January 17, 2014

Ben Avery CTC

1710- Call Meeting to Order

Roll Call

Finance Status— Keena

  • ·         Treasurer/Secretary duties have been transferred to Keena
  • ·         Sally will be providing 2013 closeout balance sheet
  • ·         – $35,658.77 in money market and $709. 56 in checking

State Championship Program Status


  • ·         T shirt graphic artwork underway / T shirt vendor selected
  • ·         Pins will pace graphic art and we may need to simplify to not jeopardize schedule
  • ·         Shirts will display graphic art in addition to the title sponsors
  • ·         One shirt design; one for sale and on for staff.  Staff shirts will be unique bright color


  • ·         Discussion about prepared sponsorship package going forward
  • ·         Rio & Iron City pledges $1,000. each for title sponsorship positions
  • ·         Board members encouraged to look further for all levels of sponsorship


  • ·         Dan has submitted Shoot Flyer into Sporting Clays Magazine –should appear next issue
  • ·         John has uploaded shoot flyer on ASCA web
  • ·         Shoot flyer will be uploaded to Winscore

Trapper Training

  • ·         Complete, plan is to use them before the State Championship

Shoot Dinner

  • ·         Dan will coordinate the dinner, plan is catered Mexican.
  • ·         New clubhouse is scheduled for completion and ready for meeting & dinner
  • ·         Keena will coordinate the members meeting hors devours
  • ·          Terry will coordinate the dinner raffles

         5 long guns – give-a –way raffle to concurrent classes

         Pistol/s to be awarded by purchased raffle tickets

Awards – John

  • ·         Buckles for winners; award theme is useful items
  • ·         ½ of $4,500 total; paid in 2013

New Business

  • ·         Discussion about the current hardship of alternating State Championship dates (spring and fall) depending on venue (BA and Coyote).
  • ·         Selecting a common timeframe of say 45 days in spring would benefit all players
  • ·         Dan proposes 30 days March 15 thru April 15; discussion with Tim M suggests we should have a larger window to fit outside a potential of Regional dates of conflict.
  • ·         Board votes to adopt March 15 through May 15 for State Championships going forward, with the understanding that we will attempt to select within March 15 thru April 15 if at all possible.

-Status of Crossfire Road Show- see Terry V trip report for details.  He indicates all was a raging success and a growing potential for new registered venues.

– Call for tables and chairs for Picacho Trifecta Dinner- Terry V will advise if he can assist with personal cache.

Next meeting:   Friday March 14 @ 6PM; Annual Members Meeting @ Ben Avery CTC

1820- Meeting Adjourns