Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 7, 2013

Date: December 7, 2013
Location: Rio Salado Sportsmans Club

Meeting Agenda and Handout

Board Members in Attendance Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent
John Best Gary Yee Sally Borie
Hugo Soll Sharon Remillong  Buck Dendy
Tim Miles  Tim Robinson  
Dave Schnack  Mark LeResche  
David Tetrault    
Terry Abbott    
Terry Vanderplas    
Dan Twitchell    
 Keena Encinas


December 7, 2013


• 1430 -Call meeting to order

Roll Call

– Members Present: John Best, Terry Abbott, Tim Robinson, Tim Miles, Dan Twitchell, Mark LeResche, Hugo Sol, Dave Tetrault, Gary Yee, Sharon Remillong, David Schnack, Keena Encinas, Terry Vanderplas

–Members Absent: Buck Dendy, Sally Borie

• Acknowledge the out-going board members (Buck Dendy, Sally Borie and David Schnack) and thank them for their service. David Schnack has offered to continue to consult and assist the board on an as needed basis

• Welcome Gary and Sharon and the Picacho Sporting Clays Range to the ASCA

• Financial Status- Start FY – $39,326, Current $ 38,084 Projected End FY est by J Best~34K after debit of 2014 State Championship for purchase numbers, deposits awards and T-shirts/pins.

• Sally Borie to wrap up FY 2013 in preparation to transfer books and banking to Keena

• Statement will be provided when it becomes available no later than next board meeting.

• Financial statement to be provided going forward at a minimum of quarterly basis concurrent with the BOD meetings.

• Code of Conduct – Originally proposed by J Best at the December 3, 2012 BOD meeting and adopted at the July 17, 2012 BOD meeting. Each member was provided a copy of the code and the opportunity to discuss if necessary. Members were asked to read the code on their own and let the board know if they had any issue, or concern that  would preclude them from operating in the spirit and the framework in which the code is intended.

• Shooter Survey – J Best detailed the ASCA post shoot survey that was conducted for the past State Championship. 22% of the shooters responded. Survey results included in the handout.

2014 State Championship Planning

• Shoot Program Flyer – D Twitchell indicated that the flyer was completed pending BOD decision for added money. Shoot flyer committed ready for distribution this Sunday and made available to ASCA for Web, Winscore and USPS Mailings.

• Award vendor – three vendors were given bid requests, Champion Awards was selected after consideration for locality and bid proposal content. Twitchell Motioned, Tetrualt Second- Vote unanimous YEA. Motion carried- Champion Awards for 2014 State Championship.

• Shirts and Pins have been sent to two local vendors for proposal. BOD authorized purchase of 100 shirts to post for sale on Winscore registration, with additional shirts ordered depending on early registration demand. Commemorative Shoot Pins to be given away and to be ordered in quantity of 200 pins initially, with follow on orders as required. Miles Motioned, Tetrualt Second – Vote unamimous YEA. Motion carried- J Best to execute shirt/pin as proposed.

• Trappers to be provided by Ben Avery CTC for all events; rotating trappers for small gauge

• BACTC in cooperation with Carl Conke will train and prepare trappers for duty.

• Sponsorship opportunity to outfit trappers with Sponsor’s T-shirts discussed.

• Dinner – ASCA funded- BACTC to host either in new clubhouse or suitable building.

• BACTC will provide seating up to 200 diners’ tables and chairs. ASCA will cover additional requirements beyond the 200. Tetrualt proposes motion to have BA execute proposed plan and ASCA to cover the costs. Abbott Seconds, Vote Unanimous YEA; motion carries to have BACTC host 2014 State Championship Dinner and ASCA to fund as proposed.

• Annual Members Meeting- ASCA to host annual members meeting and authorizes $300.00 for snacks before meeting. After planning discussion; Doors open @ 5PM, Meeting Start 5:30 Friday March 14, 2014. Miles motions, Soll Seconds; Vote Unanimous YEA. Motion carries. ASCA will host meeting and snacks as proposed. Keena to execute proposal.

• Advertising; Dan Twitchell to post shoot flyer in Target Talk, NSCA Sporting Clays Magazine and approach Al Hague for his services at the shoot.

• USPS Mailing – T Robinson/H Soll to execute-J  Best to provide Large Mailing list.

• Sponsorship Opportunities –H  Soll to lead effort all BOD to support as required.

• Promotion- 5 shotguns for give-a-way, 1 pistol for raffle.

Range Matters

• Range leadership needs to be socializing the 1-year free NSCA incentive program to all Hunter Class entries.

• Robinson, Soll, Tetrualt to be roving photographers for all shoots. Best to get passwords and set upload access for ASCA Shutterfly postings.

• Twitchell and Vanderplas working to take the Crossfire Road Show of 5 Stand and Trap around ‘off the beaten path’ AZ throughout 2014. First up January 11th is the Globe Miami Gun Club. The effort is to promote shotgun sports in general and the ASCA for the benefit of ALL Arizona Ranges.

• Best proposes ASCA provide funds to purchase enough ammo for point of use sale at these shoots to be sold without profit in order to facilitate a successful program. All receipts from the sale of ammo to be returned to the program for replacement purchase of additional ammo. Vanderplas to manage program. Detailed discussion decides $1000 a suitable amount to cover. T Miles motions,  D Twichell seconds, Vote Unanimous YEA. Motion carries for ASCA to fund crossfire ammo program for $1,000 dollars as proposed. T Vanderplas to execute plan.

• Next BOD Meeting January 17th at BACTC starting at 5PM, coincident with Copper State Open.

• 1545 -Motion to Adjourn – J Best, Second T Robinson, Vote Unanimous YEA; Motion carries to Adjourn