Board of Directors Annual Members Meeting – September 27th, 2013

Location:  Coyote Springs Clubhouse – Tucson, Arizona

Date: September 27th, 2013

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent Also In Attendance
John Best Hugo Soll Several Members of Membership
Dan Twitchell Buck Dendy  
David Schnack Sally Borie  
David Tetrault    
Terry Abbott    
 Tim Miles    

Agenda presented through proxima video media shown on screen


September 27, 2013 @ 6:00 PM

Coyote Springs Clubhouse

Tucson, Arizona


1. Roll Call and seating of Board Members-members present are seated

2. Reading of Minutes from the 2012 Annual Meeting–minutes read by chair

3.  Introduction’s of our newly elected NSCA State delegates for Arizona–chair announces; Dan Twitchell, Tim Miles and Chris Parsons who was not present.

4.  Status of ASCA donations earmarked for Range Improvements

  • Ben Avery – Clubhouse–Dan Twitchell explains delays in State approvals for Club House but acknowledges the process has been started.
  • Coyote Springs – Tower–Tim Miles submitted a written explanation of the ASCA funds used to purchase a Caterpillar Model TL43 Mobile Lift.  The range improvement funds provided by ASCA where combined with other donations to complete the $43,763. purchase. 

5. Public Forum

  • Craig Buchanan- Bylaws and Board of Direction Election Process–Craig has concerns about the e-mail ballot security, however, has no concerns for the present BOD election, because it is uncontested.  As a previous ASCA President, he provided background and intent on the bylaws regarding elections.  If the ASCA wants to include e-mail ballots, then the ASCA should revise the current bylaws to include such a process that addresses his security concerns.
  • David Schnack
    • Present state of the ASCA–addressed out of order, first was bylaw amendment discussion.  David explained there is no process for dissolution and does not believe that because the ASCA has spent the past year in turmoil, that provides the basis for dissolution.
    •  bylaw amendment discussion/clarification– David presented a case for reason that members not in attendance should be given the opportunity to vote.  Wesley Borie was used as an example of a National Champion who is off attending college and is not provided an opportunity under the current bylaws to cast his vote.  Youth in his opinion has ‘skin in the game’ and why would we not include them?  Currently NSCA allows Juniors to vote.  Discussion from the floor brings age of consent, and David replies that with parental guidance they should be allowed to vote on both bylaw matters and BOD elections, citing we shoot next to them, why would we not allow them an opportunity to vote?<rhetorical>
  • Reading of letters from ASCA membership not in attendance– John Lykins reads Bruce Kinkner letter, Terry Vanderplas reads Allen Edwards letter and Tyler Encinas reads David Moy Sr and Jr letter, all in support of the ASCA.  Johnathan McCraw requests clarification from the floor of the existence and/or reading of such letters sent to ASCA that support ASCA dissolution from members not able to attend.  No such letters were received to the ASCA to be read in abstentia that supported dissolution.

6. Reports of Officers

  • Finance Status–David Tetrault read the financial status report-Start 39K – Projected End 32K
  • Sponsorships Summary–John Best reads the past three year ASCA benefactor report->$150K spent to enhance sporting clays in AZ

7. Reports of Committees–No reports

8. Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

  • Greenwell Amendment Proposal – Dissolution of the ASCA effective 12/31/13–chair reads the proposal and asks for motion of acceptance of dissolution amendment; Aaron Aslainian seconds the proposal in order to move motion to floor for further discussion.  Discussion regarding the ASCA position of  ‘fairness’ with John Greenwell, where Terry Abbot explains that it is purely philosophical that ranges left to their own device will look out for their own best interests.  It was not placing blame or pointing out an item of accusation.  Discussion is concluded.  David Schnack makes motion for roll call vote.  Chair moves to vote.  Greenwell vacates proposed amendment and proposal is withdrawn without vote.
  • Schnack Amendment Proposal – Revise amendment procedure/s–Schnack proposal for amendment procedure revision is read.  Tim Miles seconds and brings the amendment to the floor.  Clarification is requested by Bob Kruft on the 10% minimum voting criteria contained in the proposal.  David explains that it is a starting point to make sure we have enough support of the entire membership before an amendment can be brought forward.  He doesn’t know if 10% is the best number, and acknowledges he was rushed to write the amendment proposal to satisfy the existing bylaw amendment requirement.  He also points out that it can be changed by the BOD if it passes or can be brought back before the BOD anytime during the year for revision.  As the bylaws are currently written, although Roberts Rules or Order to provide remedy to modify an amendment, the current bylaws do not.  This proposal would assist the ASCA in getting the bylaws modified without duress or undue burden at the Annual Members Meeting.  Discussion concludes.  Chair moves to vote.  Roll call vote (on file) carries amendment. 

    31 YEA,  2 NEA,  2 Abstain 

  • Schnack Amendment Proposal – Institute Dissolution procedure–David withdrawals his proposal citing the passage of the bylaw amendment procedure will allow the BOD adequate time to revise the proposed dissolution procedure without the aforementioned burden of the legacy bylaw amendment process. 

9. Unfinished business– no unfinished business

10. Election of Officers -Trevor Coleman, election officer, reads the election results

President – John Best- 51 votes, Vice President – Hugo Soll – 51 votes, Treasurer/ Secretary – Keena Willis-Encinas -49 votes, Director at Large – Tim Robinson – 51 votes, Director at Large – Mark LeReache -43 votes, Director at Large – Terry Vanderplas – 47 votes. 

 Chair requests from attendees any nominations for any office from the floor.  No nominations brought forth.  2014-2015 Board of Directors Stands.

11. Awarding next Annual State Tournament -Complete

             –Previously Determined as Ben Avery Clay Target Center – March 13-16th 2014

12. New business – Dan Twitchell announces the Picacho Range in cooperation with Ben Avery Clay Target Center is hosting a Sporting Clays Event November 16th

13. Adjournment-Chair moves to adjourn