Board of Directors Meeting Minutes December 1, 2012

Date: December 1, 2012
Location: Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent Also In Attendance
Hugo Soll Chris Stadler Scott Cusanek
Buck Dendy Sally Borie  
Dave Schnack    
David Tetrault    
Terry Abbott    
Dan Twitchell    
Tim Miles    
John Best    
  1. Roll Call
    1. In attendance: See above.
  2. Reading of the minutes
    1. Review of meeting from June 2, 2012. Minutes of June 2, 2012 meeting were read and approved.
  3. Public forum
    1. Comments solicited, None brought forward, Moved until reading of letter.
  4. Reports of Officers (Reading of closed letter) /My take/ Move to add item to agenda
    1. Reading of ASCA by laws Article II – Purpose, item c. ,
    2. Reading of Chris Stadler’s letter of resignation, Comments by board members of Chris’s contributions to the organization.
    3. Move add item to agenda-the recommendation of a new president. John Best-nominates Scott Cusanek, motion 2nd by Dan Twitchell, Board inquires about additional candidates, no other candidates are brought forward. Scott: concerns about conflict of interest, boards reviewed and determine there is no conflict. Move to vote. Vote for Scott Cusanek is unanimous by the board.
  5. Reports of committees
    1. No committees standing
  6. Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws – the use of e-mail with return receipt requested in place of conventional mail for the notifications of special meetings and changes to the constitution.
    1. Moved for annual state shoot meeting.
  7. Unfinished Business
    1. Concerns of where we stand on monies and guns and how we want to dispose or allocate those resources. The drawing of the Polaris Ranger at the SW Championship. Items moved for meeting in Tucson on Saturday December 14, 2012 @ 6:30pm
  8. Election of Officers (Annual state meeting)
  9. New Business- Thoughts and ideas on how we can reach out to shooters and will be moved for further discussion.
  10. Adjournment – Meeting is adjourned