Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 2, 2012

Date: June 2, 2012
Location: Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent Also In Attendance
Chris Stadler Chris Parsons
Hugo Soll Craig Buchanan
Buck Dendy Carl Patrick
Dave Schnack Cliff Branch
David Tetrault John Greenwell
Terry Abbott Mike Griffin
Sally Borie Trevor Coleman
Dan Twitchell Aaron Aslanian
Tim Miles Tom Adair
John Best Mark Platt

ChrisStadler called the meeting to order after the shoot. Roll was taken and BOD members were seated. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

Dave Schnack: Addressed the BOD and the shooters to open the Public Forum by discussing the previous activities with regards to the 2013 State Shoot. The previous meeting where the shoot was awarded was not handled correctly. Dave shared the information from Chris Stadler, to which the BOD agreed to settle the issue. This was a bid process in-keeping with the directions set forth under the By-Laws, albeit after the specified date. The BOD agreed this would be the best way to award the shoot, since the previous arrangement was not a correct awarding of the State Shoot. Chris Stadler supplied a bid form and the ranges interested in bidding had them completed by a specified due date. The bids would be voted on in the closed session by the BOD, as directed in the By-Laws. Dave further clarified that no By-Laws would be changed in this meeting, as that is not allowed by the By-Laws. The public forum is get get input and give shooters a chance to voice their concerns, so that By-Law amendments could be proposed with clear language to reflect shooters desires. Any By-Law amendments must be votes on by the membership at the state shoot and will also be subject to approval of the NSCA. Dave also stated that he does not feel we have not had enough face-to-face BOD meetings and this was agreed to by the BOD.

Dan Twitchell: Addressed the BOD and the shooters with regards to the operation of BACTC. Even though this is a government entity, it is still operated as a business and runs on a budget. Dan covered the contributions of BACTC to the ASCA for the last 2 years. Dan also discussed the BACTC clubhouse project and informed the BOD that he has partial funding in the amount of $138K from the Phoenix Trap Club funds. Dan reviewed the $5 per shooter to the ASCA program from the past. Dan was disappointed that funds from the ASCA that were proposed to assist in the project seemed to have fallen through and explained that his 2013 state shoot bid was related to this.

Carl Patrick: Noted that the clubhouse and the state shoot are two separate issues.

Chris Stadler: The funds proposed were based on conditional criteria that were not, as yet, met. If this criteria has been met, the BOD can address in the closed session, as the money is still present in the ASCA accounts.

Cliff Branch: Addressed the BOD on the financial hardship of the travel to Tucson in these tough economic times. Cliff would like to see more opportunities to shoot in the Phoenix area.

Terry Abbott: Addressed Cliff’s concerns about the shooting opportunities in the Phoenix area. Between BACTC and RSSC, the overwhelming majority of the registered shoot day are in the Phoenix metro area.

Carl Patrick: Pointed out that the Tucson shooters have the same expenses to travel to Ben Avery and even more so to Flagstaff.

Mike Griffin: Addressed lodging and travel concerns for travelling to shoots, as well.

Dan Twitchell: Addressed that travel will continue to be an issue, and we need to support the ranges. Dan will be bringing on more ranges and will eventually be controlling 5 ranges in addition to BACTC (St. Johns, Kingman, Yuma, Sierra Vista, and Flagstaff). Not all of the ranges will meet the common sense criteria to host a state shoot, but all will host registered shoots.

Carl Patrick: Pointed out that we should look at amending the By-Law criteria for hosting the state shoot, so this is a clear point.

John Greenwell: Supports an amendment to the By-Laws, but ultimately the BOD is accountable to the AZ shooters. John asked about the balance of funds in the ASCA accounts.

Sally Borie: Currently there is approximately $59,900 in deposits. We also have the Polaris Ranger as an asset, as well as 13 Browning firearms.

Dan Twitchell: Brought up concerns about the Firearm storage and transfer. I share the concerns. Tim Miles volunteered to store and transfer the firearms going forward, as he is an FFL holder.

Chris Parsons: Reviewed his three proposals for amendments to the By-Laws concerning BOD nominations/elections and state shoot awarding. See Agenda Appendices A-C.

Dave Schnack: Cautioned that the BOD should have an option for oversight, as a rotational plan, or a membership award is not necessarily always the best option, if the BOD needs to meet fiduciary responsibilities. An award that clearly inhibits the BOD from fulfilling their obligations should be, at the discretion of the BOD, be disqualified.

Chris Parsons: Acknowledged that his proposed By-Law amendments will require some careful wording and he is open to working with the BOD on these.

Craig Buchanan: Pointed out some of the obvious problems with membership awarding of the state shoot. The more heavily populated area will win out more often than not. This is not good for the health of the ranges, and ultimately, healthy ranges means a growing sport, which is the primary role of the BOD.

Aaron Aslanian: Pointed out that this same problem has been going on since before the state association was formed. So while it is nothing new, it does need to be addressed by a by-lay amendment.

John Best: Proposed that the ASCA administer a “customer satisfaction” survey via a shoot questionnaire with a reward attached to encourage participation. This could be given out at the larger “signature” shoots to see what people like and don’t like from the standpoint of the shoot, the facilities, the targets, etc. This will allow constructive criticism and greater feedback than we are currently getting.

John Greenwell: Stated that the State Shoot is for AZ shooters, and that the BOD markets too intensively to non-resident shooters. Going forward, since we will have the $.02 per target fees with no additional input, John suggests we spend the money effectively.

Chris Stadler: Pointed out that the non-resident shooter is a key component to the success of the state shoots. Historically, our state shoot participants have been 60% non-residents. Our added money has been 60% to the residents. We offer nothing special to the non-resident shooter, aside from a quality shoot and the ASCA works to obtain affordable lodging to make it easy to attend. Without the non-residents, our shoots would not be as profitable for the ranges, which translates into successful ranges, and more shooting opportunities.

Chris Parsons: Would like to see more e-mails to the shooters.

Chris Stadler: Addressed the e-mail schedule. In order to keep from flooding inboxes, as a lot of folks simply mark the messages a junk mail, we tried to keep the messages to a monthly letter or there-abouts. The time the messages take is also a factor, as the “biglist” distribution takes a couple hours to send, while the “updates” list still takes better than an hour. Going forward in the busier months, I would like to send out a “biglist” message at the beginning of the month, and perhaps an “update” message toward the middle of the month. The “biglist” has approximately 4,000 recipients (state and region and industry), while the “updates” list has approximately 800 recipients. These are lists based on voluntary subscription/un-subscription.

Chris Stadler: There is a BOD vacancy for a Director-at-Large position. There has been some interest in filling this, volunteers were asked to stick around after the public session had ended. John Best and Trevor Coleman volunteered to fill the vacancy based on the BOD’s vote. Dan Twitchell also brought Gary McCraw’s desire to fill the vacancy to the BOD.

Chris Stadler: Called the public session close and thanked the shooters for coming out to participate.

Chris Stadler: After a brief recess, called the closed portion of the meeting to order. A brief review of the three BOD candidates was conducted. John Best was asked to address the BOD with his reason for wanting to be on the BOD.

John Best: Expressed his enjoyment for the sport and his participation in several shooting sports. John feels he would bring some calm to the BOD, as he has a long stable work history, has no allegiance to any club, and feels that healthy competition brings the best out in us all.

Chris Stadler: Thanked John for his time and called in Trevor for the same question.

Trevor Coleman: Expressed his love of the game and how grateful he is that his son, Casey has been involved. Trevor feels that this involvement has helped shape Casey into an exceptional young man. He is actively working with SCTP and getting kids involved an attending shoots. Trevor feels he could bring in additional youth participation, and would like to give back.

Chris Stadler: Thanked Trevor for his time and called on Dan Twitchell to address the BOD on Gary’s behalf.

Dan Twitchell (on behalf of Gary McCraw): Gary has a background with the Phoenix Predator Callers. He took that organization from 40 or so members to several hundred and has raised and donated large sums of money. He feels this would benefit the ASCA, as Gary is a hard worker.

Chris Stadler: Made a motion for a vote based on what was discussed. Second Terry. Motion carried. John Best was elected to fill the vacancy.

Tim Miles: Noted that Trevor is exactly where he is doing the most good – working with the kids.

Chris Stadler: Called in John and Trevor and thanked them both. Announced the BOD election results and let Trevor know that we will likely be calling on him from time-to-time and we are here to help with the youth shooters should he need it.

Chris Stadler: Shifted discussions to the 2013 State Shoot award.

Dan Twitchell: Explained his bid and how it related to the clubhouse funds. Dan offered to do the 2013 State Shoot as we had in the past, with the ASCA running vendors for a portion of the proceeds.

Dave Schnack: Motion to table the awarding of the 2013 state shoot until June 16, and allow the clubs to submit new bids. Second Dan. Motion was voted down.

All: General discussion on the dates. Some feel the shoot year should culminate in the State Shoot, then Nationals. Some feel it should be held in cooler months. November is an option. Everyone has an opinion with merit.

Chris Stadler: Motion to accept the Coyote Springs bid with the second date option of October 3-6, 2013. Second Terry. Motion carried.

Chris Stadler: Shifted discussions to the range improvement funds discussed last year, which include the clubhouse money for Ben Avery.

Dave Schnack: Proposed we look at approximately the balance and the requirements for hosting the state shoot.

Chris Stadler: We typically need about $22K to cover the state shoot in the same manner as recent years.

Terry Abbott: Proposed discussions in the $30K range, leaving $27K for the state shoot, etc.

Dave Schnack: Proposed we look at $30K, with $20K to be distributed at this time, and the remainder to follow later in the year.

Dan Twitchell: Reviewed the percentage of BACTC contributions to be compared to the distribution percentages.

Tim Miles: Stated that as a range owner, the money he puts in to classes is paid out at the same percentage as it is taken in, so he has no problems with however the distribution takes place. He has a tower fund and would appreciate any contributions that the ASCA can make.

Terry Abbott: RSSC is funded for their current projects, so he would not look for any money at this time.

Dan Twitchell: Offered $15K to BACTC and $5K to CSSC for consideration.

All: General discussions followed.

Chris Stadler: Motion to fund at Dan’s proposed distribution, of $15K to BACTC and $5K to CSSC, with an additional $10K at a later date. Second Terry. Motion carried.

Terry Abbott: Proposed consideration of more face-to-face meetings with a quarterly meeting to be held off-site away from shoots to expedite association business.

Tim Miles: Proposed consideration of a BOD meeting with the range owners to set the 2013 Shoot schedule in the near future. Proposed some location near Casa Grande.

Chris Stadler: Proposed consideration of By-Law amendment with regards to shoot date selection. See Agenda Appendix D.

Chris Stadler: Reviewed the Ben Avery Clay Buster’s Cactus Wren program and their request for funding of ammunition for new shooters participating in the program.

Tim Miles: Motion to fund the Cactus Wren program in the amount of $1,000 provided the program includes trap and skeet. Second Dan. Motion carried.

Tim Miles: Shared some information on forthcoming Groupon program, and suggested the ASCA be willing to take part in some capacity. Additional details will be forthcoming.

Motion to adjourn Dan. Second Buck. Motion carried.