Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 17, 2012

Date: March 17, 2012
Location: Ben Avery Clay Target Center

Board Members in Attendance Board Members Absent Also In Attendance
Chris Stadler Tim Miles Several Members of Membership
Hugo Soll Buck Dendy  
Buck Dendy    
Dave Schnack    
David Tetrault    
Terry Abbott    
Sally Borie    
Dan Twitchell    

Chris Stadler called the meeting to order.

Chris Stadler: Solicited nominations for Director-at-Large position on Board of Directors. No volunteers or nominations were offered.

Chris Stadler: Reviewed membership number and current program to increase participation.

Chris Stadler: Motion to Adjourn.

Dan Twitchell: Motion to award 2013 State Championship. Discussion followed. A poll of present membership was taken and the shoot was awarded to Ben Avery Clay Target Center with the details and dates to be addressed at a future date.

Motion to adjourn Chris Stadler. Second Sally. Motion carried.